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Mary Sean Young was born on November 20, 1959 in Louisville, Kentucky. She is the second daughter from the marriage of journalist Donald Young and writer Lee Guthrie; she has an older brother Donald Jr. and a younger sister Cathleen. Sean was the only one to be attracted by performing from a very young age, and started taking acting and ballet classes until she had the chance to be introduced in the big screen. Her on-stage debut was on the play 'Stardust', in LA. Next, she had a big opportunity in the sci fi classic 'Blade Runner' thanks to her perfect psyque du role for Rachael, an android with memories and human feelings.

In the 80's she sporadically took part in blockbusters like 'No Way Out', that she co-starred with the big sensation of the moment, Kevin Costner, and 'Wall Street', directed by Oliver Stone. But precisely because of an incident that occurred with actor Charlie Sheen (apparently he teased her for having an enormous ego by sticking a label on her back), she made a reputation of being unreliable and capricious, for she was just about to leave the shooting permanently.

Soon enough she would be under the spotlight again because of a new scandal, when "The Boost's" co-star James Woods denounced having been harrassed by the actress as a consequence of having broken their affair and for his having a new mate. This got to the Courts, and the tabloids rushed to reveal all kinds of strange details of the relationship, which was compared to the one shown in the movie 'Fatal Attraction' (includig the delivery of sick correspondence), but finally Woods withdrew the action at his own expenses.

Funnily enough, in the early 90's Young obtained one of her most demanding parts in a movie directed by Fatal Attraction's writer James Dearden, 'A Kiss Before Dying' where she played the double rol of twins sharing a fatidic destiny. During this decade, she was let down in getting such important rols for her career as would have been Dick Tracy's Breathless (she argued that Warren Beatty had tried to get her into bed) and Batman Returns' Catwoman (even when she had showed up on a tv show in costumes, they picked Michelle Pfeiffer). However, Sean managed to be in the unexpected hit of 'Ace Ventura', together with nascent comediant superstar Jim Carrey, and proved she could make us laugh too.

Married to collegue Robert Lujan, with whom she has two children, Rio and Quinn, Sean Young has lately founded a movie producing company. Her last appearence on the big screen is in the independent movie 'The Calling', with Penney Marshall and Ken Carter. Still we can expect some performing surprise from this actress whose sophisticated presence on screen (alternatively sexy or ethereal attracts all the looks, and who early probed, in Blade Runner and the remarkable and almost forgotten 'Under the Biltmore Clock', that she can be a sensitive and stunning interpreter.

courtesy José Leal

And here is her own website at www.seanyoung.org.